Welcome to the WCC ICT Strategy

Note: This Strategy was approved by the Corporate Board and Cabinet in May 2012.

Since WCC published its ICT Strategy in 2007 the world has changed:

  • We have moved from a period of unprecedented investment in local government to an era of austerity. Our budgets are being cut and we are being forced to make harsh decisions about the services we deliver. Cost effectiveness is a key driver.
  • The national political landscape has changed and there is an expectation that government, including local government, will get smaller. New delivery models are called for.
  • Technology has moved faster than anyone predicted. New trends in utility computing and devices in particular are radically changing our options for delivering ICT services.

WCC’s draft ICT Strategy 2012 is a response to these changing circumstances and sets out how ICT can respond to the challenge of ever faster change.

The Strategy comprises a number of elements:

  • The ICT Vision – a high level statement of the contribution ICT can make to WCC
  • A set of ICT Principles that underpin our approach to ICT and how we deliver our services
  • A set of Technical Strategies that provide the blueprint for how ICT will operate.
  • The Organisation Of The Future. This section covers how we would like ICT to operate in future in relation to other WCC services. It addresses what “good” would look like.
  • Case studies to show the difference our strategic approach to ICT could make in real situations
  • Our key actions and targets for the next 3 years

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